About ME

Victoria Goldaracena

From “Mega Bytes” to “Sugar Bites.” My name is Victoria Goldaracena. I am an Argentine mother of three who, having studied Fine Arts in the States and worked in New York and Madrid as an interactive advertising Creative Director for big multinationals like Ogilvy and Grey Advertising, finally settled in London with my growing family. 

The pressures of the job in advertising and my perfectionist work ethic finally led me to leave the high-octane world of design. With three children at home, my eldest asked me to create the wildest birthday cakes which I simply couldn’t find. And so it was that I began to train in professional cake-making as an outlet for my creative talent, supplying wild and wonderful creations to catering businesses and friends, later launching my business BakerByte. My eye for design and perfectionist nature are at the heart of what I do. Sugarcraft is a different medium but it is a perfect combination of graphic design and art. For every cake commission I try to make an edible work art that also tastes delicious.